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The team of the laundromat firstwash provides you with washing machines and dryers for use in return for payment. The operation and use of the equipment is carried out independently and under your own responsibility as a customer and at your own risk. There is no liability for damaged laundry.

1 - Duration of machine use

The machine(s) you have chosen are at your disposal for the duration of the booked program. At the end of the program, the laundry must be removed from the machine(s) promptly so that the machines are available again to other customers. Otherwise, other customers are free to remove the laundry from the machine and place it on the machine or in one of the surrounding laundry carts so that the machine can be used again.

2 - Dyeing of laundry

The dyeing of clothes in the washing machines is strictly prohibited.

3 - Horse blankets, animal blankets

Washing and drying of horse blankets and other animal blankets is strictly prohibited.

4 - Alkoholic beverages

The consumption of alcoholic beverages in the laundromat firstwash is not permitted.

5 - Smoking

Smoking is not permitted in the laundromat firstwash.

6 - Animals

Bringing animals into the laundromat firstwash is not permitted. 

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